• “...It’s a large, comfortable room, with bright red walls and a fluffy white carpet that you can’t walk on in shoes…”

    Hearken back to the bed-sit in London’s bustling West End where a young Cat Stevens once lived. The Redroom is a fascinating and inspiring place; it was here that some of his best-loved songs – such as Wild World, Father & Son, Into White and On the Road to Findout, were written. On the first floor, overlooking New Oxford Street, above his father’s Café, he composed, slept and dreamed some of his most profound works against a backdrop of rumbling buses, honking taxis and lunchtime noises. Unforgettably, on Cat’s very 21st birthday in 1969, he and his close friends gathered round there to witness the historic moon landing take place. It was a gift, and an ideal young man’s ‘pad’ in that explosive 60’s era.

    Nearly forty years on, the room that has been so historically important in Yusuf’s journey has been revisited.

    Here you can view archive footage from days gone by, listen to exclusive audio tracks, read some of Yusuf’s personal writings, view his blog, hear fan cover songs (and submit your own), post on the upcoming Peace Train message board, or browse the extended gallery which contains a number of candid, never seen before photos. However the real bonus for fans is 100 I Dream, Yusuf’s very own “extras” page, which he personally updates.

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