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  1. SALAM...
    27 Sep 2013 Ahmad Report Comment
  2. SALAM...
    27 Sep 2013 Ahmad Report Comment
  3. i like thiz
    25 May 2012 bruce Report Comment
  4. Why no more religious musics ? especially for kids? with catchy tunes... because kids nowadays need proper education of Islams.... for example i Could play your tunes during Dinner time, etc... yusuf, It seems this last two years you keep on concerting and touring.. What happens to the passion in educating people especially religious musics.....? I hope you have some projects about religious music especially for kid
    09 Feb 2012 arif Report Comment
  5. Salam grandpa Why no more religious songs recently? especially for the kids... kids nowadays, really need proper educations of Islam... for example Parents could play the musics during dinner time etc.... It just seems you are busy touring and concerting....
    09 Feb 2012 arif Report Comment
  6. Yusuf, I hope that there will more of these children albums from you. My children love to hear them and from the songs they learnt the names of the prophets, the months in islam and the sequence of a ba ta. My children and I know about the history behind the Tala'a Al-Badru 'Alayna since hearing about it triggers our interest. The pleasing and easy to follow tunes have been most helpful in drawing my children towards islamic nasyid where previosuly they were quite turned off. We also love the Bismillah album very much and I use it to expose my very young children to the teachings of Islam such as no god but Allah. Now my 3 year old is singing the Tala'a Al Badru 'Alayna on her own and my 6 month old stops crying and goes to sleep when he hears you singing "The Wind". I want to thank you very much for all that you've done. It has been most unfortunate that I miss the opportunity of seeing you when you were in Malaysia.
    28 Nov 2010 elishalo Report Comment
  7. ASSALAMOU ALAYKOM, I love your ANACHID ,your are the best , please we want more
    26 Oct 2009 cherine Report Comment
  8. I love Tala'a Al-Badru 'Alayna '08
    16 Sep 2009 Adrian Tolentino Report Comment
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